Child and adolescent psychology

Vanesa Reyes Sánchez
Graduated in Psychology

Vanesa Reyes Sánchez

Welcome to the children's and youth area of Mundoemociones.

The role of the psychologist in childhood and adolescence is fundamental to promote the emotional, social and cognitive well-being of children, adolescents and their families.
Our focus is on the emotional well-being and healthy development of children and adolescents, providing solutions adapted to the specific needs of each stage of life.
From the children and adolescents area we carry out evaluations to understand the needs, strengths and challenges of each child or adolescent. This may include evaluation for emotional, developmental, learning, or behavioral disorders.
The intervention is through different therapeutic techniques adapted to the age, characteristics and needs of each child/family. The predominant approach is that of Contextual Therapies, at Mundoemociones we understand that each child and adolescent is unique, and our therapies are adapted to their individual circumstances and the environment in which they operate, but we also work from other approaches such as cognitive- behavioral, play therapy, family therapy. The goal is to help children and adolescents overcome emotional difficulties, improve their functioning and develop skills to cope with the demands of everyday life. We believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship and the importance of creating a safe and confidential space where children and adolescents feel heard and understood.
We work collaboratively with the family to provide guidance on how to support their children. This may include parenting strategies, managing challenging behaviors, and how to foster a healthy family environment.
Being a multidisciplinary center, coordination between professionals is essential to comprehensively address the needs of children/adolescents and their families.
If you are looking for professional help in child and adolescent psychology, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to listen to you, support you and guide your son or daughter towards an emotionally healthy and fulfilling future.


The psychology team at mundoemociones works with integrative and contextual or third generation therapies, innovative and adapted to people of any age; evaluating, helping and monitoring the evolution of psychological therapy. Psychological therapy offers a safe context where the client is not judged, since the situation that has led him to therapy is related to his life history and the current life situation; in this way any "social judgment" is out of session. A necessary factor when doing therapy is empathy and compassion, being able to put yourself in the other's place, feeling their emotions, their pain, understanding why they feel, think and act in a certain way and also understanding them from a distance to maintain a perspective that allows you to carry out a professional intervention. Hoping that your life goes better, that you know how to manage suffering and that you can be as happy as you can be.