Alicia Requena Torres
Graduate in Pedagog

Alicia Requena Torres

When should we go to a pedagogue?

  • When our children have performance problems or school failure.

  • When they present difficulties in their evolutionary development, both at school level and level of disorders: cognitive, attention...

  • For academic and personal guidance, guidance for families.

  • When our children show difficulties in reading and writing, poor understanding of the text, written expression below their chronological age, excessive spelling errors... Whether caused due to a specific disorder or a simple delay in reading acquisition.

  • When they present a negative attitude or low motivation towards school or studying.

  • When they do not have good study habits (they never find time to study, they do not know how to do it, they get distracted, they do not benefit from the hours that he dedicates to the study...)

Pedagogy deals with education

Its main objective is to provide the necessary tools to carry out Teaching-Learning processes, and organize educational programs to promote the maximum development and training of people.

Services offered by Pedagogy:

  • Educational reinforcement: "The homework club." Reinforcement classes and improvement of school performance adapted to the needs of each one, with a reduced number of students.
  • Pedagogical Re-education and learning difficulties: Re-education are pedagogical interventions aimed at working on learning difficulties, for those who have not acquired or developed adequate skills. Our objective is to improve academic performance in different areas, through an individualized methodology, and teach techniques to improve aspects that hinder adequate learning. In short, reteach what has not been assimilated correctly.
  • Study techniques: Study techniques are tools that help optimize academic performance. Studying is not about spending hours and hours in front of books; investing a lot of time does not guarantee improving results. It is about studying using the appropriate strategies for greater performance: exam preparation, school organization, motivation to study...
    • Exam preparation.
    • School organization.
    • Motivation towards study.
    • Literacy.
    • School support for attention and concentration deficits.
    • Reasoning.
    • Calculation and resolution of arithmetic problems.
    • Family counseling.
  • Dyslexia.
  • School support in attention deficit and concentration. (ADHD)