Mercedes López Regalado

Mercedes López Regalado
With over 15 years of experience

Mercedes López Regalado

Since I was little I was clear about what my vocation was, that of a teacher. I am a teacher because every day I learn twice as much as I teach.
Teaching and learning at the same time for boys and girls who let you be the one to guide them in their training and at the same time in their daily life.

My work in educational reinforcement

My work above all is educational reinforcement in all disciplines. I use dynamic resources for teaching-learning and interpersonal relationship dynamics in the classroom..

With this I help:

  • Improve attention.
  • Listening, speaking and writing.
  • Ensure good learning experiences and measurement of what was learned.
  • Show interest in what they are doing and why.
  • Setting goals: perseverance, study habits and self-esteem.