Diego Guirao Sánchez
Bachelor of Psychology

Diego Guirao Sánchez

My name is Diego Guirao and I am a General Health Psychologist with extensive experience of more than 10 years caring for people with all types of psychological problems with 100% guaranteed results, always working from the professionalism that research grants through the scientific method. offering Effective and Quality Psychological Care in Murcia, Almería and Granada, collaborating since 2012 with the Psychological Care Unit of the University of Almería.
The confluence of training and extensive experience allows me to be able to attend to the different needs that arise in session such as: anxiety, depression, OCD, relationship problems, ADHD…
When I was 18 years old I suffered the loss of one of the most dear and important people in my life, my great-grandmother Carmen, a second mother to me. The loss of her was such a trauma to me that I was not able to overcome it with the support of my family, nor with the support of my friends, much less by myself; That’s when I decided to seek professional help. I began to attend therapy with the psychologist Yolanda Ochoa and thanks to her great work as a psychology professional I was able to overcome my great loss, and it was there where I discovered my vocation as a psychologist; That was what I wanted to do: Alleviate Human Suffering.
Since then I understand that the vocation to be a psychologist is a key value when it comes to offering a quality psychological service, aimed at relieving the psychological or emotional discomfort that has led you to therapy, or at facilitating a process of personal growth that Provide the client with a higher quality of life and be happier.
As a psychologist, I understand that being able to express our worries and concerns to a professional is really beneficial. Everyone should go to a psychologist at some point in their life when they feel ready, including us therapists.

Academic training:

  • Graduate in Psychology from the University of Almería
  • Master in Contextual or Third Generation Therapy
  • Master in Intervention in Psychological Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence
  • Mindfulness Specialist
  • Expert in Drugs and Addictions in Today's Society
  • Specialist in Psychological Disorders from a New Perspective of Clinical Psychology
  • Expert Treatment of Schizophrenic Spectrum Disorders
  • Early Care Expert

Member number: MU04309